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"Mr. Steve Kleinberg is a consummate professional who by intensive study and training, vast experience and sterling character stands out in his chosen field. He understands that as the chief guide in the practical aspects of laying a loved one to rest he is fulfilling a calling, rather than merely being engaged in a business transaction. This approach is reflected in the manner in which he serves families, including keeping charges as reasonable as possible. He further comprehends that the American Jewish community is pluralistic. Steve is equipped to meet the needs and religious sensibilities over the wide spectrum of current Jewish practices, from the most traditional to the least. His sensitivity, indeed empathy, and exquisite attention to detail are extraordinary."

-A New York City Rabbi


Since 1984, Steve Kleinberg has arranged and supervised many hundreds of funerals for some of the nation’s most recognized Jewish funeral establishments in his native South Florida, Chicago, Boston, and New York for the past twenty years.  Prior to establishing Kleinberg Funeral Services in March 2019, Steve co-founded and co-operated Eternal Light Funeral Directors of New York, a funeral firm where he specialized in Jewish graveside services for over a decade. To this day, Steve continues to be an industry leader as owner of Kleinberg Funeral Services.  Years of honing his craft has earned Steve the reputation of being the preferred funeral director by many of his colleagues across the country whose client families seek graveside services and burial in New York.

Kleinberg Funeral Services is the Right Choice for Jewish Funerals

  • Steven Kleinberg is a licensed Jewish funeral director serving families like yours for over 35 years with highly attentive and personalized care.
  • Whether it’s three o’clock in the afternoon or three in the morning, you will have 24/7 direct access to a funeral director—before, during & after your time of need. We do not use an answering service.
  • Kleinberg Funeral Services is independently owned and operated. Because we are not affiliated with a publicly traded funeral service conglomerate, such as: Riverside Memorial Chapel, Boulevard-Riverside Memorial Chapel, Riverside-Nassau North and IJ Morris, we can offer personalized services at the most reasonable prices. We answer to Main Street, not Wall Street.
  • We specialize in graveside and alternative services.
  • We regularly serve all Jewish cemeteries in New York City, across the Hudson River in New Jersey, Long Island and Westchester.

Why a Graveside Service?

  • Ensures social distancing in the presence of a COVID threat.
  • From a traditional perspective, the ‘levayah’ or the accompaniment of the deceased to their final resting place is a great mitzvah and shows true honor for the dead because the deceased cannot respond to those who perform this mitzvah.
  • Religious services or secular life celebrations occur in the same place as the burial.
  • Families often tell us they feel a natural setting is more comforting than a conventional funeral home environment.
  • Many prefer the cemetery as a central meeting place for traveling guests.
  • Fewer time constraints as opposed to a chapel service.
  • Cost effective solutions.
  • Avoids the inherent hazards of funeral processions.

With few exceptions, New York’s Jewish cemeteries do not provide seating or protection against the elements for funeral attendees. It might surprise you to know, the well-known Jewish funeral homes serving these cemeteries do not take into consideration your comfort or well-being, either. Our experience is these funeral homes overcharge while often underserving their families desiring graveside services.

Kleinberg Funeral Services is different. No one is better equipped than us to anticipate your needs at the graveside and offer the appropriate comfort items accordingly:

  • Seating
  • Lap blankets
  • Hand warmers
  • Umbrellas
  • Tissue
  • Bottled water
  • Sound system
  • Privacy screen for private onsite identification of deceased
  • Zoom capability
  • A funeral director who will remain at the cemetery for the entirety of the service
  • A complimentary temporary grave marker

Graveside Pricing At-A-Glance

Kleinberg Funeral Services is proud to provide you with a graveside experience that surpasses our Jewish competitors in both service and price. We are confident you will discover our prices to be a minimum of $1,400.00 less than theirs based on current published General Price Lists.

GPL Published Prices

Kleinberg Funeral Services



Topical Disinfection


Dressing & Casketing












w/Pine Casket


Total Charges


Our General Price List [GPL] and Casket Price List can be found in the pricing section on this site. Prices do not include Cash Advance Items/Third Party Expenses, any item you wish to substitute or modifications. Additional charges may apply for transfer and hearse depending on where death occurs and location of cemetery.

Chapel Services

Kleinberg Funeral Services is located at 3930 Long Beach Road, Island Park across from Ace Hardware in the Macken Mortuary building. The funeral home has a traditional décor designed to appeal to all faiths, large parking lot and convenient location for south shore residents. If you would like to see our facility, please feel free to contact us.

Traditional Preparation of the Deceased

For families requesting traditional preparation of the deceased: tahara (washing of the deceased by the chevra kadisha), tachrichim (shroud) and shmira (watcher), Kleinberg Funeral Services contacts the Vaad Harabonim of Queens Chevra Kadisha, who will perform such preparation at the funeral home.


Kleinberg Funeral Services is frequently contacted by Jewish families requesting cremation. We offer many options and invite you to contact us to explain them.

Synagogue/Temple Services

In many Jewish communities nationwide, it is common for funeral services to be held in one’s synagogue or temple rather than a funeral home—in New York, it is not a practice not widely accepted. Kleinberg Funeral Services is well equipped to handle these services and will gladly contact your place of worship to inquire.


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