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Steven made an unfortunate situation much easier than we anticipated. The funeral attendees could not believe that the funeral happened so quickly after death, even though my uncle died in Florida & the funeral on Long Island. From initial conversation to burial, Steven demonstrated excellent communication, did everything flawlessly timely. He really listened to our needs & wants & delivered exactly what we envisioned. He is so easy to work with & I am so grateful that my family have met Steve. We even got the death certificates two days after the funeral because of Steven. Thank you so much for your care, compassion & great service.

Brian G., Brooklyn, NY

Steve, I want to thank you for helping me with the arrangements after my sister’s passing. For those seeking a professional during this difficult time, I would like to point out that Steve handled everything with such sensitivity and thoroughness that for a few very long and difficult days he became a member of my family. It was far more than just trusting him with the details but he offered insightful ideas to pursue even the Shiva with a fresh approach that made my family very much at ease, as hard as it was for us at that time. Thanks again.

Ving J., New York City

I want to thank you so much for all that you did to make the funeral arrangements for my Uncle yesterday It makes a very hard situation much easier knowing someone is there for you to make these arrangements at a time when you really do not want to deal with anything. More importantly a very special thank you for putting me together with Steven Kleinberg who was so attentive and kept me in the loop every step of the way. He was charming and made every arrangement including obtaining a wonderful Rabbi that even without really knowing Isaac made the service so beautiful and meaningful to me, and our immediate family who were the only ones in attendance, making it that much more special. He had explained everything that was going to happen from the moment that I called him. I know that this is an affiliate as well as a personal friend but I have to tell you that I would so highly recommend him for any of these situations in New York that do come up which I am sure between Florida residents having their funerals in New York that there would be many I know as Steven said repeatedly when I kept thanking him that this is his job and I, unfortunately, have had my share of funeral arrangements in the past few years, but sometimes people go above and beyond and I know that this was the case with both of you. If you can please pass this on to Steven and have him pass this on to the Rabbi I would really appreciate it. I thank you both from my entire family.

Rosalie S., Port Washington, NY

Steve was the first person that I called when my father’s health began to fail. We got all the administrative stuff out of the way and after my father passed, all it took was one phone call to him. I can’t say enough about him and his team. I would recommend his service without hesitation.

Scott H., Yonkers, NY

Thank you so much once again for walking me through the whole process and honestly making it a lot easier for me. You did an amazing job with my father and there was nothing I could have asked for to be any different.

Kenneth D., Elmont, NY

Thank you for the superb service you provided to the Skeer family. I have, unfortunately, gotten to the point in my life where I have had to deal with the deaths of many friends and loved ones. In several of these instances I have been designated as an Executor or have been given the responsibility to deal with funeral and other arrangements on behalf of the estate. The present case, as I am sure you realize, was extraordinarily complex, given that the death occurred in a foreign country and there were no immediate family members with the deceased to assist us. We dealt with foreign languages, foreign laws, state department requirements, the requirements of Jewish custom and numerous other complexities including the problems of repatriating remains, procuring death certificates and ensuring a prompt and dignified funeral. You handled all of these difficulties with patience, persistence, great kindness and sage advice. As you know, I am an attorney who deals with healthcare, insurance and retirement issues. Nonetheless, the issues surrounding my dear friend’s death were daunting for me and, I imagine, anyone with lesser experience with such matters. That being said, I cannot imagine having to face the extraordinary challenges presented by Mr. Skeer’s death without your compassionate, respectful and very effective services. I am especially grateful that Mr. Skeer’s extended family selected you from among the many other individuals providing Funeral Services. Thank you!

Brad S., Esq. Washington, DC

Thank you once again for all of your hard work and support. My father and I greatly appreciate your care and devotion and attention to our needs. I believe the ceremony was quite fitting and a relevant send off for my brother.

Ken S., Boston, MA

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for being a consummate professional. Dealing with the death of a loved one is an extremely stressful and painful experience. Your ability to explain the process in detail certainly provided comfort knowing that we were going to suffer the loss of our mother in a short period of time. Additionally, the promptness in which you responded when the time arrived and you’re keeping us abreast of our mother’s movement to her final resting place in California was a continuous reassurance that all was happening as we wished. I and my family thank you and would certainly recommend your services to friends in need during a difficult time.

VB, New York, NY

When my mom passed away, I not only had to deal with the emotions of losing someone I loved dearly but I also had to navigate the practical issues of burial, which were made more complicated for me and my family by having an out of state funeral. Steve was fantastic every step of the way. He not only dealt with me with great compassion, he walked me through the process so that I was comfortable with every aspect. He personally arranged to have my mom flown to California, coordinated with professionals there to facilitate my mom’s final resting place and followed up to make sure everything was done to his high and caring standards. It is hard to find words to express my gratitude for everything he has done for me and my family.

David W., Atlantic Beach, NY

… I had never handled funeral arrangements before my dad died. Steve Kleinberg managed every aspect of my dad’s arrangements – both before and after his death. He guided my brother and me through the process seamlessly and with no fuss. It’s easy to work with Steve. Despite my endless questions, he never showed impatience and always clearly explained everything. I have now secured pre-arrangements for my mom through Steve and have been treated with the same respect and care. Thank you Steve Kleinberg for taking this daunting responsibility and making it so manageable!

Shelly B., Aventura, FL

I was referred to Mr. Kleinberg to handle the transportation and burial arrangements for my dear mother. Mr. Kleinberg called me and took care of all the arrangements for the transfer of my mother from Texas to New York. He kept me informed and handled every detail from the time that we first spoke until the end of the funeral. Mr. Kleinberg called me with information along the way is it was comforting for me to know that my mother was getting the best care. Mr. Kleinberg was compassionate, caring and professional. Under the difficult circumstances he met the needs of my family.

Linda L., Plano, TX

Thank you for everything. It was the best advice to prearrange everything with you. We will be contacting you in a few weeks to do the same for my mother-in-law. It certainly took a huge weight off my shoulders.

Dr. Sylvia R., Brick, NJ

I needed to thank you again for making my mother Rachel G.’s arrangements so professional and caring. You had done my Dad’s so many years ago. My one call to you put everything in place from Florida to New York. You gave my Mother the respect she deserved. We will be “eternally” grateful.

Joyce & Steven S., Bayside, NY

When life’s tragedy strikes and a loved one dies and you are overwhelmed and don’t know who to turn to call Steve Kleinberg. From personal experience Steve, the director, was a phone call away. When our niece died suddenly his number was in my phone and the first person I thought of. Within the hour he made all the important phone calls i.e.: cemetery, coroner’s office to claim her body, giving instructions for no autopsy etc. He conferred with us many times by phone to discuss all the details regarding the funeral. In our case it was a graveside service. He provided seats for those people who found it hard to stand and umbrellas to shade us from the sun, He was there with all the paraphernalia needed for a proper funeral. In the end it was Steve Kleinberg who took all the details out of our hands leaving us to our grief and mourning. We are grateful to have Steve Kleinberg in our life.

Jean and Ivan A., Flushing, NY

Steven Kleinberg was located in Brooklyn and took the time to drive to upper Manhattan, where I was staying with a family member, to meet with me. During that meeting, Steven, very patiently and kindly, explained the process and costs for cremation…

Marion V., Vero Beach, FL

… Losing a loved one, whether expected or unexpected, is a heartbreaking experience. Even when all the arrangements are planned in advance, it is still devastating and nearly impossible to handle. Our story is similar to so many. My father-in-law was not well and in anticipation of his needs, my husband, father-in-law and I took care of his final arrangements, down to the wording on his stone. We were certain that we could handle everything when the time came. How wrong we were. When the time came, we were emotionally devastated. Dad died in Florida, where my husband and I live, and he needed to get to New York for his final resting place. We needed to get ourselves and our family to New York, alert friends and family, write our eulogies and a myriad of other things. Thank goodness for Steve Kleinberg! Fortunately for us we, as a family, agreed to use Steve as our consultant and representative. During the final months, I spent many hours speaking to Steve on the phone. He “held my hand” across the miles and answered each and every question I had. Steve was like my best phone friend. We talked about lots of things besides the funeral. We talked about my father-in-law’s life. We talked about the grandchildren and other family members. He was caring, kind, sympathetic and even reminded me to find the laughter in our lives during the very sad moments that we were facing. He reassured me numerous times that we had nothing to worry about. He would take care of everything. And He Did! Everything! Once dad passed, Steve had the reins. From the logistics of Hospice, Florida airports, New York airport, funeral home preparation, cemetery, Rabbi, limousines, and now footstones, I have had a partner that has had my back every step of the way. When I needed something and Steve wasn’t the person responsible, he found who was and got me in touch with them. I will never be able to adequately thank Steve for all he did for me and our family. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to have him in our life.’

Maxine P., Lake Worth, FL

…How fortunate was I to have found Steve. He recommended a NY approved prepaid funeral in order to reduce the strain on a disabled cousin having to deal with her father’s funeral. When her father died a few years later all I had to do was call Steve and he handled everything…

Neil W., Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Some things like saying a good word about a great friend, and a good person, come easily. Steve Kleinberg and I have known each other for well over twenty years as a result of us both being EMT members of a volunteer ambulance company. Steve is a good listener as well as a good talker resulting in us learning enough about ourselves, our families and our interests as to cement our friendship. Obviously, I learned about his ideas in how to prepare any family, including mine, in how to ease the emotional, financial and painful concerns relating to the burial of loved one. That made it easy for me to turn to Steve for his services on the passing of my beloved wife. My family and I were grateful for his care, efficiency and obvious concern for our well being during what was an emotional time for us. In fact, I was so pleased with his very personal and professional assistance that, weeks later, I turned to Steve and told him that I would want him to conduct my funeral when that time came so that I would be comforted by the knowledge that my family would not have to concern itself with the completion of my wishes. This is a great relief to me and my children. Steve and I recently had lunch together and, without wishing to sound morbid, I have no problem in telling my friends that “I just had lunch with my undertaker”.

Julian G., Atlantic Beach, NY

Mr. Steve Kleinberg is a consummate professional who by intensive study and training, vast experience and sterling character stands out in his chosen field. He understands that as the chief guide in the practical aspects of laying a loved one to rest he is fulfilling a calling, rather than merely being engaged in a business transaction. This approach is reflected in the manner in which he serves families, including keeping charges as reasonable as possible. He further comprehends that the American Jewish community is pluralistic. Steve is equipped to meet the needs and religious sensibilities over the wide spectrum of current Jewish practices, from the most traditional to the least. His sensitivity, indeed empathy, and exquisite attention to detail are extraordinary.

A New York City Rabbi

I also want to tell you how WONDERFUL Steve was. I can’t thank you enough for recommending him. I recently recommended him to my close friend in NY’

Charna B., San Francisco, CA

I have, unfortunately, been to many funerals in my life; big funerals, small funerals, celebrity funerals, friends' and relatives' funerals, and I have never come across people as caring, professional, and amazing as Steven and Yasmin Kleinberg. Their level of knowledge, accommodation, care is beyond anything you could ever hope for in your time of need. I have always tried to avoid attending funerals whenever possible due to how they usually go, but after watching how the Kleinbergs took care of my cousin, I can truthfully say I might even change my mind about having service of my own when the time comes. You will never find a more honest, respectful, professional, knowledgeable, caring and kind place than Kleinberg Funeral Services. Thank you so much for everything.

Elayne Boosler, Studio City, CA-Writer, Comedian, Animal Activist

If it weren't for Steven, I'm not sure how I would have gotten through my days following my father's death. He was highly recommended and lived up to every praise. I cannot thank him enough for his professionalism and above all else, his compassion during this trying time. Steven went out of his way to meet at a location that was convenient for me. I wanted to cremate me father and he explained the entire cremation process from beginning to end with care and patience. He reassured me of his past experience with Hindu families and was able to ascertain the necessary details in order to ensure everything went smoothly. His flawless communication, honest recommendations, and profound reverence for funeral rites outside of his own faith are all reasons why I would not hesitate to recommend his services. His presence at the funeral was unexpectedly comforting - a friendly face who was there throughout. I am so grateful for the weight Steven took off my shoulders.

Marsha S., Ridgewood, NY

Thank you a million times and more for taking great care of Joyce. Just saw that you have Whatsapp. Lynette and I love the urn, we may not bury her at all. It's too beautiful to put in the ground. Again, thank you. May God continue to bless you and your family; in Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Lynette E., Brooklyn, NY and Judy W.- Orlando, FL

Dear Steve, Thank you for taking care of my father's remains. I felt well taken care of, and appreciated the warm conversation. Everyone with a situation like this should be so lucky. Thank you.

Ruby K., Rodeo, CA

Hi Steven, even though it was a very sad occasion, I am so glad I got to meet you. You have a warm and genuine personality that helped to make the process of memorializing a loved one so much easier. Blessings to you and yours.

Reverend Sheila G., Brooklyn, NY

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